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Protect Your Intellectual Property!

LegalSherpa was created by lawyers to provide timely, cost-effective and professional trademark and copyright services at your fingertips. An entrepreneur’s economical alternative to services offered by law firms! After completing our easy to use questionnaire, a LegalSherpa professional will readily prepare and file your federal trademark and/or copyright application.

Register Your Trademark

Protect your business name, slogans, logos, and other commercial signifiers that are used to identify a company’s goods and/or services with a trademark. Trademark protection is an essential component of any successful business. A trademark permits you to exclusively call your business name, logo or slogan your own.

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Register Your Copyright

Protect your original creative works from unwanted and unauthorized use. A copyright is designated to offer exclusive rights to the owner of an original creative work. By obtaining a copyright, you ensure that you alone control how your work is reproduced, distributed, modified, and displayed or performed.

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